Dominique Edwards

The Distance Between Us

Weer Lug, 2011

Video, 31:17

Filmed under studio lighting conditions with a camera mounted inside a weather balloon, the footage reveals the interior of a weather balloon whilst inflating into an oblivion of white. The activity is perpetual, slowly eliminating the folds of the balloon whilst expanding, quivering in places, as the folds of the balloon are gradually assimilated into an expanse of white and eventually reintroduced as the balloon deflates.

Burst, 2011

Video, 3:24
Projection 3m x 3m

Three silent video projections depicting the burst of a weather balloon run simultaneously in a dark interior. The footage, shot with a high speed video camera, depicts a sequence of bursts; each sequence fades in from black to reveal a large, white, weather balloon. The balloon remains still for anything between 15 seconds and one full minute. The burst reveals a momentary structure reminiscent to that of a chest cavity or a ribcage. The shards gently make their way out of the frame, taciturn, as if choreographed, and exit into the dark, seeming to fall into the space itself. Each burst is different and produces a white powder residue that rises, falls and fades into the background.

Falling, 2011

Video, 1:36
Projection 3m x 1.5m

Extending from the floor to ceiling in portrait format, the projected footage reveals a large white weather balloon falling and rising. The balloon falls up, gravitating towards the ceiling. This vertical movement becomes a temporal source of light in the exhibition space. Functioning as a beacon, the balloon indicates place by temporarily illuminating the space.

Waking, 2011

Video, 8:40
Projection 3m x 1.5m

Two video projections of the pulp fabricated from the artists’ mothers’ clothing expand from floor to ceiling in conjunction with the paper sheets made from the pulp, (pictured below). The pulp, consisting of white fibres and small fragments of cotton clothing intertwined and submerged in water, is seen as a sediment of white, sequentially animated – moving slowly at first, as if waking or lulled by a gentle tide. The large mass of fibrous white evolves as it is systematically swept from its resting place into a vertical rise, ascending gently at first and gradually becoming more erratic in its spiral movement. Once the remains are virtually completely dispersed and displaced, they slowly sink and return to their initial resting place. This cycle continues indefinitely.

Keep, 2011

Handmade cotton paper
430mm x x600mm

Three sheets of white cotton paper made from the artist’s mother’s clothing are presented on exhibition plinths, tailor made in width and length to the format of the paper. The paper is lit directly from above, appearing to hover above the plinth.

Weg I, 2011

.38 Special gunshot residue on paper
1500mm x 1800mm

Weg II, 2011

12 Gauge shotgun on paper
1500mm x 1800mm

Whole II, 2011

.38 Special gunshot residue on paper
500mm x 700mm

Whole I, 2011

.22 Gunshot residue on paper
500mm x 700mm

Scatter, 2011

CMYK Separation on Fabriano
460mm x 660mm

Oblivion, 2011

The Noon Gun on paper
Production stills and paper fragement

The Hovercraft, 2010

Pen on Paper
700mm x 1000mm

The Hovercraft (Huiwertuig) I, II & III

The Distance Between Us, 2010

Giclee print on Hahnemühle
700mm x 320mm