Dominique Edwards

Waking, 2011

Video, 8:40
Projection 3m x 1.5m

Two video projections of the pulp fabricated from the artists’ mothers’ clothing expand from floor to ceiling in conjunction with the paper sheets made from the pulp, (pictured below). The pulp, consisting of white fibres and small fragments of cotton clothing intertwined and submerged in water, is seen as a sediment of white, sequentially animated – moving slowly at first, as if waking or lulled by a gentle tide. The large mass of fibrous white evolves as it is systematically swept from its resting place into a vertical rise, ascending gently at first and gradually becoming more erratic in its spiral movement. Once the remains are virtually completely dispersed and displaced, they slowly sink and return to their initial resting place. This cycle continues indefinitely.

From The Distance Between Us